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  • What kind of particulate filters does MS900 clean?

    All, particulate filters of cars and commercial vehicles.

  • How many filters can the complex wash per day?

    On average, 5-6 per work shift. It all depends on the size of the filter and the degree of its contamination.

  • Why do particulate filters get clogged?

    ● The service life of the particulate filter has expired, regulated by the manufacturer.● Malfunctions of the engine fuel system.● Oil ingress into the exhaust system (engine problems: turbine, cylinder head, piston).● Incorrect engine operation modes (city mode of operation).

  • What parameters can be adjusted in the software?

    ● 900V: total flushing time, number of pulses in one direction, time of compressed air pulse delivery air pulse, time between pulses, time air blowing of the filter after flushing, minimum water level in the tank, after which the after which the rinsing process stops.● 900A: maximum air temperature during drying during drying, drying time, cooling temperature of the system after drying.

  • Can the complex wash catalytic converters neutralizers (catalysts)?

    Yes, but this is undesirable due to the design of this unit. During washing, the following may be washed away neutralizer catalysts, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, which will negatively affect exhaust cleaning.

  • How well does the MS900 clean particulate filters?

    After washing, your diesel particulate filters will be fully comply with Euro standards.